Thursday, November 10, 2016

Political Text

From Sally: Does the result make you feel better? Ohio did go for trump, and he did win

From Me: It's a discussion probably too complicated for a text, but I'll try.  I'll  point out that there's been a lot of media consolidation in the U.S. to the point that the oligarchy that runs big media also runs big banks, big food, big education, big tech, etc.  they're not manipulated, they're totally in the tank for a big, corrupt government run by ignorant elites because that's where their paychecks come from.

Lots of instances of big press writing "articles" that are just re-released campaign memos, pre-sharing debate questions, letting campaigns rewrite their articles, etc.  Freedom is a very fragile thing (such as it still exists in America) and depends heavily on the press to keep the government and elites as transparent and honest as is possible and when that doesn't happen, when they become a party to evil, it's...troubling.

There were instances documented of apparatchiks of the president fomenting violence at Trump rallies, of engaging in voter fraud (Virginia was arguably won by Clinton on the back of fraud), going after their enemies via the tax code, environmental codes, and election laws, as well as sending goons into cities to start and maintain riots.  (A look at Chicago which is run by Obama goons reveals part of their plan where they're actively letting the black underclass murder itself, with no regard for innocent bystanders).

Trump isn't great and wasn't even my fourth choice, but a victory for Hillary would have codified this behavior as the "law" of the land: that political violence is the only means to obtain power.  American federal elections would be dead as a course of fact with our absolutely incompetent oligarchy choosing who rules and who doesn't by way of force.

That's a dark road that no one in America takes seriously; and indeed no one anywhere.  No one thinks that there's any way they can end up like Venezuela where people eat out of the trash, kids go to school starving, and city dwellers are press ganged into slave labor on underperforming farms.   It's a well known fact that even people in Venezuela didn't think that as well, and that's the surest path to get there.  Once there, as the Venezuelans have discovered, the only possible way out is to start shooting each other.  Very bad that, VERY bad.

I somewhat doubt that Trump can put much of a speed bump on this path, but at least he won't be hitting the accelerator.

In a side, related note, when I moved up here I overheard two older white guys at the tennis court openly speak about how people in southern Ohio (where I'm from) should be rounded up and shot (they were not joking).  It shocked me since I'd never heard anyone in southern Ohio say anything remotely similar about people in northern Ohio.  There's plenty of big government voters who vote that way out of self interest, misplaced concerns, and simple ignorance; but I'll tell you this, there is a large streak of simple thuggery as well.  If I told people like this at the tennis court that no less than Obama himself was agitating anti-trump protestors to physically attack Trump voters they would say "good".  Yes, "good" until the favor is returned.  Dark times I'm telling you, it's not going to be fun.  

The US, and to an extent the world, face a large degree of peril and everyone is trying to ignore it to make it go away.  As one of my favorite books put it: "He knew that billions and billions didn't know a thing and didn't want to know and, even if they did find out, would act horrified for ten minutes and immediately forget all about it"

From Sally: Why were trump and Hillary? Don't get it at all
And why are people really fighting for them with their whole belief?

From Me: To the latter question it's because the presidential executive bureaucracy holds too much power, indeed Washington DC in general holds too much power so every presidential election is "winner take all".  It's sad, but it really shouldn't matter that much, but alas.

As to the first; Obama and his politics have been so spectacularly awful that the democrats had no one on the bench to run besides Hillary.  It seems like the could have gotten the governor of Oregon or Colorado to run, but neither would have the national organization behind them (leaked emails reveal that the "fix was in" and any Hillary challengers faced a very steep climb).

As for Trump, Republicans tried to do what Hillary did by putting their full force behind Jeb Bush.  This was a catastrophic mistake on their part as it pinched other maverick politicians out who probably would have defeated Trump.  Jeb Bush was never going to win anything.

Like I said, worst elites ever; they can't even rig their own elections properly.