Saturday, June 04, 2016

(Beer) Coma

I'd mentioned this...elsewhere, but when we were at a bar in Massachusetts when we saw buckets of food going to other tables.  "Buckets?", I thought "that's my favorite form factor for food!"
 We ordered one out of sight and it turned out to be a bucket of New England clams steamed with chorizo, yum!  Although...seafood and beer, um, don't really get along together.  (As I rediscovered later when a pound of sushi and a quart of Sam Adams dueled away in my stomach).
Some noise about the Smashing Pumpkin's Billy Corgan's anti-SJW rant.  My favorite part was the SJW-leftie sympathizers ranting about how they were pulling his music, blah blah.  Well that's a very tiny taste for them of what it's like for conservatives every waking minute of their lives when all their music, TV shows, books, movies, video games, and whatever else you have are written by the SJW crimethought police.

I thought of it recently while reading Neal Stephenson's critically acclaimed (of course!) sci-fi novel Seveneves.  His (way) previous novel Snow Crash was rather inventive and somewhat politically incorrect, but his latest efforts reeks of SJW appeasement.
Homersexuals?  Of course!
Unrealistically ethnically diverse cast?  Well he has to stay appealing to that vast tract of black sci-fi readers!
Climate change rants?
Anti-militaristic tones?
Multicultural cheerleading?  It's all in there!

So tiresome, and it's cut from the same cloth as the rest of the tired sci-fi crap that came out in 2015.  I can't help but think back to the slate of Philip K. Dick books that I've read that, despite their often copious flaws, featured normal people in extraordinary situations (rather than weirdos on stupid adventures).  It says something about western culture when it takes a guy living in a communist country to write a homersexual free sci-fi novel where the bad guys are left wing death cultists (though I repeat myself).
I've been looking for an excuse through the years to mention the Guns N' Roses song Coma.  Clocking in at north of ten minutes, it's a curse filled, angst driven, overly indulgent song on GNR's already overly indulgent Use Your Illusion double album.  It's not everybody's sound that's for sure (maybe only me and five other people like it), but it's a sound which was very predominant and is now dead, gone to the age when sci-fi space ships weren't full of fraggets (I'm ever amazed that GNR's One in a Million is still on YouTube; any big time producer who pumped that tune out today would have to undergo years of self flagellation under the all-seeing eye of merciless thought police).  Some may view such passing as a good thing, though with no normal morals left to slay, the crime thought police have moved on to made up crap like gay marriage and judgement free molester zones (I repeat myself again).

And songs?  I went to a bar with Mrs. Sandmich and remarked that when we were dating (we're talking dinosaurs here) the bars played the exact same songs, modern pop music being a wasteland of auditory abuse.

Anyway, while loading up on sushi (at a different bar and at a different time) a young couple was joined by the young lady's friends.  The conversation got tedious, quick:
Girl one (to guy): "Oh what do you do?"
(note: obviously they're white because only white people "do" stuff)
Guy: "Well-"
Guy's girfriend: "He saves DOLPHINS!"
Girl two: "Oh wow neat"
Guys: "-Coast Guard and-"
Girls (same tone and as quickly as possible): "That's/Pete down at/AWESOME!/car repair/Julie said that/I had to move/car repair/nails done/"etc. etc. for five minutes.

If I was the guy I would've gotten up and walked out, heck I didn't even know them and I wanted to leave.  However Coma came to mind since as part of the angsty guy's get-away-from-it-all frustration just such a vocal track was crammed in late to the song (between 7:10 and 7:40), scrub to listen and relive the enthralling experience! (For those who are not fans of the song, which will be all of you, it will be pain on top of pain!)
Bartender (afterwards): "Wow you really ate all of that!"
Although, for the single guys out there, apparently "saving dolphins" is a thing...
Girl: "And you said that saving dolphins is part of your job?"
Guy: "Oh yeah totally baby."