Saturday, August 29, 2015

Drunk Blogging Part 104

Some consultants came to visit us at work many months ago and they were kind enough to leave an old Airport Express behind, one that they were so stressed about losing that they had their name and phone number stickered on it.  Despite their apparent concern about losing the unit they never came back for it and this past Friday I finally worked the gumption to ask the big boss if it was okay if I, like, borrowed it so that I could stream my, hmm, like, borrowed music...

Amazingly enough he was totally cool with me stealing borrowing it, probably because he didn't want it littering up his desk anymore, but anyway...
One of the songs that came up over the Airport was Tears for Fears Head over Heals, one of the best songs of the eighties, and therefore, one of the best songs ever:

It's amusing because even though they had a band name, the "band" was basically just Roland Orzabal (the lead singer in the video) and to a lesser extent Curt Smith (backup), when they split Roland put out a few albums under the 'Tears for Fears" name, although he was the only one putting the music together (think, Trent Reznor and "Nine Inch Nails", which are one in the same, I guess a group name sounds better?)
Anyway, a place down Columbus way was selling, oh yes, 64 oz growlers of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale for $16; $16!  I of course, couldn't resist.  My desire was rewarded with an immediate and sever head cold which meant that I was unable to drink my ale until now, dear reader.  Alas, I have to drink it all at once before, Cinderella style, it turns into Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Vinegar.

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