Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Way early and way late at the same time, I need to write it down lest I forget myself!

  • Hillary Clinton: Quite possibly the worst candidate the Democrats could have found to run.  The personality of a porcupine combined with the moral code of a heroin junkie.  Her one notable, and now dated, attribute is that she's still preferable to Obama.
  • Bernie Sanders: The one democrat who is not afraid to call himself the socialist that he is.  He's late to the game in realizing that unlimited immigration is incompatible with his socialist dream.  Unfortunately for him the rest of his party party is even later and haven't reached that conclusion yet.
  • That guy from Maryland: How did a Democrat forget that it's all about the blacks?  Black, black, black, black; that'll learn you O'Malley.  He could have stuck to his guns, but that would have automatically made him a Republican hate mongerer.
  • Jim Webb: He's a Democrat?  Well, as the only common sense choice in the Dem grouping his fight is pointless.  It would be interesting though to see the Repugs run Jeb against him and then when Jeb wins all the Dem states and Webb all the Repug states the single party singularity would be complete and the utter pointlessness of American Federal elections would be cemented in place.
  • Joe Biden: Creepy, dimwitted Joe's best attributes are that he's neither Hillary nor Jeb Bush, which is more than enough to win.
A weak slate of Dem candidates has drawn out every would be contender in the Repug field which is, in my mind, pretty strong, in no particular order:
  • Bobby Jindal: He made a name for himself by running as "not a criminal" in Louisiana and has somehow excelled there to the point that he's found much success.  I like Jindal and in another age he'd have a better shot, but being the biggest fish in a little pond that will end up in the R column anyway isn't enough to attract attention.
  • Lindsey Graham: If America wants a gay Democrat for President they'll just vote for Hillary.
  • Rick Santorum: His policy positions are OK, but he tends to play up the religious aspect of his beliefs, a sentiment which gave us the nasty Big Government Religious Charities from the 'W' years.  If someone wanted to destroy religion I can think of no better strategy than joining it at the hip with the government.  All that aside, Santorum's biggest fault is that he wouldn't even be able to reliably deliver Pennsylvania to the Rs.
  • Rick Perry: This guy still doesn't know what he's trying to do, methinks.
  • Mike Huckabee: Basically a 'W' clone, but without the charm and political acumen.  A better pundit than a presidential candidate, which isn't saying much.
  • Rand Paul: In my mind, the only candidate in the whole list who knows that we're broke and that the Federal government cannot be trusted and isn't afraid to say so.  Despite his rather odious immigration positions he makes my short list, though my guess would be that he's reached the zenith of his political ability as a Senator.
  • Donald Trump: He is the knife that the long ignored GOP base is using to stick in the ribs of the Chamber of Commerce controlled GOP elite.  So long as the GOP elite insist that they'd rather get stabbed with a knife than acknowledge their woeful leadership, they will continue to get stabbed with the knife, possibly up to and including them getting stabbed to death.  Of note from the Sandmich, Trump is a real estate developer which makes his "evil" potential possibly even higher than that of Obama or Hillary. 
  • Marco Rubio: Tying his ship up to the sinking rocks of Graham and McCain may have just been a dreadful mistake by a rookie senator, but I'd like to see something where he admits that this may not have been the best idea.  Instead I get the faint impression from him that the "base just didn't understand".  Oh we understand Rubio, now go away.
  • Scott Walker: Walker has a brief, though impressive resume and the best immigration stance of any of the candidates* and my personal first choice of the bunch.  The fact that he could probably deliver D state Wisconsin to the R column would make his presidential fight a bit easier.  My only concern is his lack of action in regards to the illegal "John Doe" investigations in his state; he seems to have that 'W' belief that the system will properly work things out.  No it won't, the system is out to get you and will consume you, it's inherently broken and some cynicism is in order.  As well, his strong stands may make winning Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania rough.
  • John Kasich: A clever Twitter commentator noted that John Kasich is an endangered species: a moderate Democrat.  He's had budget success in Ohio basically from many one time cash gimmicks that will leave a smoking crater in our budget long after he has left office.  His potential cannot be underrated however: his political capital in Ohio is strong and along with his policy positions he would stand a strong chance of putting all of the midwest sans Illinois into the R column in the general election which would make a near insurmountable hurdle for whoever was running as the Dem.  My guess right now is that he's the GOP establishment choice after Jeb inevitably blows up.
  • Jeb Bush: Whatever.
  • Chris Christie: Congrats on the weight loss!  If he could deliver the northeast in the general his candidacy might be of interest.  That feat is extremely doubtful though and he would need to depend on many states whose voters couldn't be bothered to show up to vote for Mitt who was a better candidate than Christie.
  • Carly Fero..Firo...F...Fiorina: Her years in backstabbing board rooms have served her well since she is quick on her feet and is always looking for an attack; as well, her knowledge and ability has won her proper accolades.  However, since there is no prayer of her pulling California into her column in the general, she's a candidate without a country and I seriously doubt that she'd be able translate her big-business-California-elite persona into a candidate that people elsewhere in the country will vote for.  Her recent statements that seem to favor government data slurping don't help her cause.
  • Ted Cruz: His back and forth with Huckabee in the debate proved that Cruz is not divorced from reality like much of the party leadership.  Like Rand Paul, he has picked all the right fights in the Senate and hasn't backed down which makes him endearing.  Unlike Paul, he doesn't have the libertarian baggage and is a bit more electable.  I should point out though that his stance on H1-B visas may be the worst of anyone with the possible exception of Rubio.
  • Ben Carson: Ben Carson seems like a great guy, but good guys finish last in this race.
It's worth pointing out that the next President is going to face some very, very hard times in an era where 99.9% of our elites are the worst elites in modern history and the FSA (free-shit-army) making up half the population.  This makes Trump somewhat more appealing because the future President will have to ignore what s/he's being told, a lot.  However my rankings are something like:
  1. Walker (a proven record of ignoring conventional "wisdom")
  2. Ted Cruz (a proven conservative who is realistic about many of the challenges that we face).
  3. Carly/Paul/Trump (all of whom have endearing, though differing attributes that put them outside of the regular party hierarchy). 
That's all fine and good, but how about candidates I won't vote for?
  1. Ds/Graham
  2. Kasich
  3. Bush
  4. Christie
  5. Rubio
  6. Huckabee (who loses out for being clueless more so than having bad policy positions (which aren't all the great either), but I would suppose a Huckabee/Biden debate would be pretty entertaining; it would truly be a sign of the end times as those two would spend hours getting everything wrong about crap that no one cares about).

* It's a bit of a misconception that Trump has the strongest law and order immigration stance, at least on paper, but in fact Santorum's is followed by Walker.

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rungirl34 said...

Interesting breakdown. I have to admit that I have had quite the political crush on Rand for a couple years even though his chances at electability may not be as good as others in the race. Hillary just makes me shudder...