Monday, June 29, 2015

Flag Burnin'!

There's a school of thought in conservative circles that we'd be better off voting for Democrats in order to hasten the end of the republic (such as it is) so that something worthwhile might eventually be salvaged from the ruins; particularly since (as they would put it) voting for the Republicans just results in 'D-lite'.

I can't say as I'm a big fan of that line of thinking since I don't think that reformation is completely impossible.  Most of the egregiously bad laws (TARP, TPP, ACA) were not desired by wide swaths of Americans, but the monied interests that drive them have their talons inserted inches deep into our ruling elite (or worse, they're just one and the same).  If a way could be found to get these elitist groupthinkers under control...

To me this is of interest due to the 'Confederate Flag' imbroglio going on now.  Black people (not black rulers, such as they are) never had an issue with white people having something to hold onto.  So who has such hatred for the flag?  Why, other white people: the 'right' white people.  This can be witnessed by people who sport their superiority on Twitter and elsewhere saying stuff like "how will we know who the stupid people are if they can't put their flags on their cars?".  Perhaps oh wise netizens, you can just look for the "Coexist" sticker instead.

With the people who should know better giving into the left's raving demands, the "year zero" crowd is now emboldened and calling for such things as getting rid of memorials to Jefferson and Washington while actively expunging American history of the people and events that are incongruous to the dinner party set.

After badmouthing wide swaths of their nominally fellow countrymen in order to sport their anti-racism peacock feathers, some of the group are having a pause for thought.  Now with American history under attack generally, some of our 'betters' want those that they denigrated to join with them in defending the portions of history that they themselves find acceptable.  Well, y'all can bite me; what exactly did you think was going to happen?  I was never a fan of the flag myself, but I'm even less of a fan of the snob set that thinks it knows better than anyone else.  In this way the Confederate battle flag came to represent exactly what it's adherents said that it did: a symbol of group solidarity for those who do not tow the party line (which is all the more reason why it must be crushed, no?).

I have to wonder if reformation of American history (society/government/etc.) is possible at this point.  With no one left to defend it, I have to hope that the destruction of American history will mean that at some point something can be salvaged.