Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I'm tired, so let's skip to some pics!

The Vikings new stadium/corporate welfare project.  Seriously, thanks all football haters for  helping to pay for these sports palaces!
Various Skyway bridges (6) can be seen crossing above the road below

A Skyway mall
I'm not sure about the zoning peculiarities regarding Minneapolis' extensive Skyway.  Many buildings have a two story lobby as seen above.  It still has to be disconcerting to be mandated to allow strangers to walk through your building I would think.

View from the Marriott workout room, for all the good it did me...

At $3.50 a bottle, it better come from some place other than Earth.
Really?  $1000 a night?  These rack-rate postings are supposed to be a hedge to keep the innkeeper from gouging unsuspecting patrons, but when they're marking the rate up by +500% I don't quite see what the point is.

The Mississippi river running through the city.

Mary Tyler Moore

Panorama of the Twins game (Twins beat the Tigers, yay!)

From the hotel window at night (helps hide the grime on the window).

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