Thursday, January 01, 2015

China Post Two

Being a glutton for punishment, I'm going to give this another shot.  Let's skip right to the photos!  (Again, in no order):
A panorama taken at the Opium War memorial (may be a giant download if Google didn't downsize it).

Okay boy band dude, you've sold me on your spicey-rice-chicken-burger thing!

There are more American badged cars in China than in Colorado

A little history repurposing as Sally told me that this retro take on Mao uniforms are used to symbolize love between marriage partners.

There are condos being built all over the place.  I have no idea who is buying these things (they are not cheap dates), but the locals seem unconcerned so I guess it's all good for now.

Food in the round; there's always way more than can possibly be eaten by the number of people who can fit at the table. 
Marriage coasters

A pano from the window of the condo of the future bride and groom (again, probably huge).

China sports some serious doors.  Even interior doors feature real doors with steel frames, dead bolts, and mounted into concrete.

I was getting no buzz from the local beer and these cans finally had the alcohol content on them.  Sally's dad said that he would get me drunk yet, to which I replied that we were going to be there a long time if we're just drinking 3.1 beer.

A resort/mall/? edifice that's Tibetan themed

Chinese coastal development

The Hut


Strawberry farm

These strawberries don't look ripe, but they're actually done.  They're crazy sweeter than anything stateside (only the green ones tasted 'American').  I never knew how a peach tasted until Mrs. Sandwich got a line on fresh Georgian peaches, and I can now say that I know what a strawberry tastes like.

Migrant workers painting a condo

Array of solar powered water heaters on top of a condo development

Drying/curing meat outside of a restaurant.

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