Tuesday, January 06, 2015

China Post Four

Some more pictures perhaps...

I'd buy these for my nephews if there was school in the USA that they could take them to without getting kicked out.

Condo sitting beside a construction bog.  It seems like labor is thrown at any project if they can get by without a machine.  I'm sure at some point in time this will be prettied up (well, not that sure), but outside the complex they had a crew of men doing prep on the road to be blacktopped with brooms and dustpans.

View away from the front of a hospital where I saw a dermatologist, got a prescription, and was in and out in ten minutes, all for the wallet ruining cost of ~$35.  The whole experience left me even more disenchanted with the American medical system than I already was.

You pick it, they cook it.

Weddings are a big deal all over, from what I hear.  It's interesting that the spouse's family is noticeably less well off than Sally's family, but then so is most of the rest of the planet.  This 'modest' house would be a regular middle to upper middle class home in the U.S. and with hot water, indoor plumbing, flat screen TV, etc. I'd have to guess that they're well on the upper side of 'good' in China.

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