Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Movie Time

John Wick

Keanu in the process of removing brains from Russian mobsters

Don't let the sandwich score fool you, this movie was an enjoyable romp and it's single fault was that it was just too easy to make: Keanu get's cheesed off, Keanu kills everything that moves.  Revenge crime movies like this used to be more prevalent back in the Death Wish/Dirty Harry days, but their current scarcity has made them all the more delicious (note in the picture this is the first time that I've seen the Kel-tec shotgun outside of an NRA mag; BTW, don't shoot a shotgun like that, you'll be deaf).

During the course of the movie there is a scene where someone is playing a shooter video game (spoiler: he dies) which I found interesting since the loose justification for the slaughter in the movie can only be compared to some video games where the protagonist's lack of caffeine or whatnot is used a justification for killing off enough combatants to field a respectable third world army.


True Astronaut 

This is a hard review since I knew within minutes that viewers of this movie would either love it or hate it. I will admit that I bring a lot of baggage to this movie in that I'm both a Christopher Nolan fan  and a sic-fi fan.  If you're a fan of neither then, well, you'll have to wait for the next Madea movie, loser.

My fear was that with the long runtime of this movie that this would be an overindulgent art flick.  This fear wasn't entirely misplaced since the Nolan's third Batman movie suffered from the fact that the director was given too wide of a berth in which to dock his epic comic book film.  Somehow, though, Interstellar doesn't waste any scenes and the length of the movie is hidden behind excellent movie making.  It may not be the most entertaining Nolan film (something that's given to personal preference), but be it dialog, soundtrack, character development, special effects, set design, story, editing, etc., this may be Nolan's strongest film to date, which is saying something considering his already impressive back catalog.

Of special note is that this is a big movie and probably only the largest, most outrageously expensive, home TVs would be able to do it any justice; if you're given to see it, try to check it out on the big screen.