Tuesday, September 02, 2014


At least it's not a chocolate fountain I suppose...

Monday, September 01, 2014

Drunk Blogging 3.1

Hot on the heels of the LA school districts flame out with their iPad program, the local school district has decided to double down and do iPads and MacBook Airs.  Upon mentioning this to my boss she informed me that all the students at the local parochial high school will be getting Google SpyBooks Chrome Books, or whatever they're called.  Ordinarily I am very much against technology in the classroom, seeing it as little more than a gimmick with which to make the school seem 'edgy'.  Upon further thought though, I am of the mind that, perhaps, the time has come where it might work (though not in LA of course).  The issue I see is that by the time many of these kids even hit kindergarten they have now spent their early formative years reading and learning already on tablets.  I can see such children receiving their basket of hard-copy books and wondering "WTF is this?  Fred Flintstone's school?"

The problem is that many schools are a little behind the tech curve and that accepting technology is more disruptive than they may be willing to accept.  It can work, but not within the current paradigm, which since it is on the verge of failure, maybe the time has come where our robot teachers will finally be accepted.
How about that ISIS?  I can almost care....no, sorry not happening.  The main issue with governance by fundamental Islam is that it's self defeating: even the communists accepted the fact that technology would need to be stolen at the very least.  With Islam it's all or nothing.  It can feed off of the world in which it exists so long as it is not the sole arbiter.  Within any isolated sphere in which it does exist, ignorance reigns and it becomes easy prey for those who, you know, don't have a religious aversion to reading a manual on 'how to drive a tank'.
I have a very insightful brother, and let me preface this by saying that this isn't like my previous 'sister' drunk blog where I didn't even know the answer when I was quizzed about it later.  This one is pretty obvious.  For the purposes of this post I'll refer to my brother as 'Jimmy'.  Anyway, after a few Knob Creeks I was thinking that I would have made a very poor Jimmy, despite the fact that I received some very light training in that vein.  If everyone was a 'Jimmy' it would probably make for a better world, but then it would make for very poor employment prospects for Jimmy.  Or would it?  Perhaps he would be that much more wise to the world?  Eh, guess it doesn't matter, I'm just that much more thankful for him.  I mean, I guess I can provide...whisky tips if my siblings ask for them, but, you know, if you want real wisdom....