Monday, April 28, 2014

Feigned Outrage

Last week that Bundy character in Nevada made some comments that (very sloppily) equated blacks being on the government welfare cycle to slavery.  This point isn't new by any stretch and it has in fact been made by black people themselves.  The point has already been made that Bundy is not the model case for fighting Federal power (though maybe perhaps for taking issue with it); and it's rather unfair to expect that every American will posses pundit-levels of verbosity and quick thinking when a reporter starts quizzing them.  Never the less, that didn't keep the self righteous prigs who make up the current incarnation of National Review from writing pages long critiques about how outraged ("outraged!") they were at the remarks.

Do they really care?  It's not as if Bundy was positioning himself to be a spokesperson for their cabal.  The best I can figure is that they did it so that when they show up someplace and some high-minded idiot makes mention of it they can then mention their screed that they posted to denounce such an animal; and then they can all be friends.  Heaven forbid they're challenged on this and they say "I...just don't care, sorry".  I guess if you're in the pundit business though, you better have a well formed opinion on everything, and it better be the 'correct' one.

Along those lines is the owner of the Clippers who, I guess, made some very racist remarks.  I haven't listened to them so I'll take their word for it.  Sportscasters are the worst when it comes to speaking to such things though.  Steve Sailer had mentioned in the past that sportscasters work in profession where racial differences are glaringly obvious for all to see, so therefore they have to engage in a never ending kabuki-a-thon where they pretend that racial differences do not exist.  We can now expect years of sports commentators talking about how much they hate 'Jimmy "The Greek"/Richie Incognito/Whoever Owns the Clippers' in order to prove, not how much they hate them, but that they themselves would never be guilty of such crimethink.

That's irritating enough, but what irritates me more is why someone who hates black people so much thought that it would be a great idea to buy an NBA team.

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