Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September Notes (in October!)

There have been various complaints about a software package at work crashing and I finally tracked one crash cause down to running reports more than 75 times in one session (oh the fun!  Now you see why my posting has been sparse!).  The call into their tech support was like trying to talk someone to doing their job:
ME: Yes, it will run fine, but then when you run it the 76th time, KABOOM!
THEM: It works fine for me, perhaps you need to install we have that doesn't work.
ME: Wha..da...did you even try it?
THEM: Works for me, but I'm on the patched version.
ME: I patched it and it still blows up.
THEM: Are you sure, maybe you should try it on a different-
ME: F'n Duh!  I tried it with different reports, different combinations of reports, different combinations on different PCs with different configurations.  76 times a pop, do the math!
THEM: So, 76 times...
ME: Yes.  Click 'Pick List' then Enter, then 'Pick List' then Enter, then 'Pick List' then Enter, and so forth until you reach 76, if you can count that high.
(much) later...
THEM: A bug report has been issued for your trouble ticket [You will be retired before we get around to patching it BTW].
At least they're American, I suppose.  On my last support call to Microsoft, the (worthless) Indian guy and I had a 'laugh' when he remarked that he couldn't hit our web server to which I said that it would work so long as you were in the U.S or Canada - HA!


As seen from the iPhone:
A warning on a power box by the plant in Broomfield

Okami HD

Pumpkin pie soda

Off the treadmill tubbie.

My GPS insisted that I get off every ramp on I-25 and get back on the highway.

Ford's Microsoft Sync system was great when it worked, which was roughly 50% of the time.  The steering wheel had volume and track control, but no play or pause.  In the Fusion (Explorer pictured) the audio system would insist on using whatever connection (USB vs Bluetooth) that you did not want to use.  (I liked the Fusion the most as a car, but the interface on American cars is for sucks.  Check out the Fusion interface here and think quick, which buttons are for the audio and which for the climate control, and what does what?)

Scene from the Sandmich's epic $90, 5400 calorie binge that caused much controversy on the ol' expense report  (Although it was only ever mention to me in passing, confirming my thought that no one wanted to take on someone with enough balls to put a $90 Hooters tab on his expense report).

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