Friday, October 11, 2013


This is a great bit:
How many more times an I going to have to listen to these marginally informed, unengaged voters mouth platitudes about wanting reduced spending and balanced budgets, only to soil themselves when someone actually tries the difficult task of getting the big govt junkie off the needle? 
They don't get that "work together for the good of the country" means ten different things to ten different people. Or that if fiscal responsibility were easy or popular, it would have been accomplished a long time ago. 
Make your conflicting, incoherent demands, ignorant public! Throw the people who actually tried to save us from ourselves out of power. I'm past caring.
As in the past, I've been a proponent of no more increases to the debt ceiling, only then can the minds in Washington be focused on what is most important.  What is actually 'most important' is an unknown at this point since it is debate that no one has had to have and the Republican efforts to divine some compromise out of the existing paradigm will prove fruitless in the end.

I appreciate them putting up the good fight, even though they don't seem to know what it's about.  It may be one of those things like the American civil war where only three quarters of the way through the war did people really focus on what they were actually fighting for.

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