Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prize Dream

Microsoft is encouraging their stable of development package subscribers to deploy services onto Microsoft's hosted/cloud Azure service by giving away an Aston Martin:

So I went through the procedure of putting some stuff out on Azure (which is actually rather impressive, considering it was vaporware only a few years ago).  I couldn't help but fantasize of driving around in my newly won Aston when I worked it back to the fictional, never to happen call from the prize committee telling me that I'd won:
Them: "Congrats! You've won the Aston!"
Me: "Awesome! Where do I pick it up?"
Them: "Well sir, we're guessing then that you'll have no problem paying the taxes?"
Me: "Umm..."
Them: "They will probably amount to more debt than you've acquired throughout your life, combined."
Me: "Ugh..."
Them: "And then you'll have to drive it with 'collision' insurance since even high deductible full coverage will be more than your house payment."
Me: "Well could I at least see it and maybe pet it a few times to help make up my mind?"
Them: "Sir you obviously are not familiar with how Aston Martins are manufactured. If you want it you can take delivery in a few months and start paying the taxes now."
Me: " there a substitute prize?"
Them: "A Windows RT tablet, but again, you could probably take the tax bill payment to put the money towards a tablet that you'd actually want."
Well I guess I don't have to worry about 'winning' at least. Which reminds me, I did play the Powerball. I played three tickets and so had an overall pool of 18 numbers (counting the Powerball number, which I shouldn't, but for this exercise I am). I'm not strong on statistics, but I figure that I should have gotten four or five numbers correct spread over the three tickets (again, counting the PB number, which wouldn't figure in typically). However, out of the 18 numbers, all of which were different mind you, only one of them matched one of the numbers drawn.

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