Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prize Dream

Microsoft is encouraging their stable of development package subscribers to deploy services onto Microsoft's hosted/cloud Azure service by giving away an Aston Martin:

So I went through the procedure of putting some stuff out on Azure (which is actually rather impressive, considering it was vaporware only a few years ago).  I couldn't help but fantasize of driving around in my newly won Aston when I worked it back to the fictional, never to happen call from the prize committee telling me that I'd won:
Them: "Congrats! You've won the Aston!"
Me: "Awesome! Where do I pick it up?"
Them: "Well sir, we're guessing then that you'll have no problem paying the taxes?"
Me: "Umm..."
Them: "They will probably amount to more debt than you've acquired throughout your life, combined."
Me: "Ugh..."
Them: "And then you'll have to drive it with 'collision' insurance since even high deductible full coverage will be more than your house payment."
Me: "Well could I at least see it and maybe pet it a few times to help make up my mind?"
Them: "Sir you obviously are not familiar with how Aston Martins are manufactured. If you want it you can take delivery in a few months and start paying the taxes now."
Me: " there a substitute prize?"
Them: "A Windows RT tablet, but again, you could probably take the tax bill payment to put the money towards a tablet that you'd actually want."
Well I guess I don't have to worry about 'winning' at least. Which reminds me, I did play the Powerball. I played three tickets and so had an overall pool of 18 numbers (counting the Powerball number, which I shouldn't, but for this exercise I am). I'm not strong on statistics, but I figure that I should have gotten four or five numbers correct spread over the three tickets (again, counting the PB number, which wouldn't figure in typically). However, out of the 18 numbers, all of which were different mind you, only one of them matched one of the numbers drawn.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obama VA

Attending my Federal House representative's veteran's forum, even though I'm not a veteran, just out of curiosity. Best question was "if I'm eligible for medical benefits from the VA, am I exempt from Obamacare's individual mandate?"

Answer: "Maybe."

Friday, August 09, 2013


I've seen some one-off vehicles like the Leaf or Volt on the odd occasion,  Neither car is ugly, but both are overpriced.  July, though, was a banner month for rarities.  At the beginning of July I was driving by our local Starbucks/buy-one-get-one pizza place and saw a white Lamborghini convertible.  For those of you not familiar with Parma, this car was easily more expensive than all the vehicles in that parking lot and the neighboring Taco Bell combined.  I lamented to my coworker that the car cost as much as a truck full of my car make/model...along with the truck itself.

Although the highlight, a week or so later on our way to Kent State we saw a Bentley.  I don't know the mindset of someone driving a car like that along such a route since it's quite possible no one around him has strong enough insurance and/or enough assets to cover repairs to the vehicle should something happen to it.  Exorbitant insurance and all, I'd probably drive the thing around like a hollowed out egg shell.

Lastly, at the end of July, while I was in Colorado I actually saw a Tesla Roadster.  Much like the Leaf or Volt, it is an attractive car, but part of the mind can't help but think "sucker" since for the same price as any of those plug-in jobbies they could have (nearly) gotten themselves two gas cars of the same class.

I am now the proud owner of a few different firearms and now find it difficult to go into the local gun store without mulling over another purchase (something that is, on it's face, completely illogical; kind of like buying multiple roofs for your house).  But anyway, such firepower calls for practice at the range which requires buying ammo.  One pistol (which actually isn't even mine) is a 22 and last year I bought a big box (500 rounds?) of 22lr when we went to the range; but a year later, it's missing.  I'm sure this is the typical household safety loss where you want to A) put it someplace safe and B) someplace that you'll remember.  Unfortunate 'A' and 'B' are diametrically opposed so the more 'A' you get, the less 'B' and vice-versa.  So I'm certain that it's somewhere very 'A' as I have no idea where it is.  It being completely inaccessible, it is completely safe (in theory at least).

Anyway, Mrs. Sandmich and I went to the range (where you could buy a few rounds of 22lr ammo in little sandmich bags; and they would only sell you two of those) and put some rounds through our firearms.  It was only later when I was doing the math on the range time and ammo that I realized that just about any other form of entertainment would have been less expensive.

So Obama wants to move blacks into white neighborhoods, not to mention using extortion on white neighborhoods in order force them to allow blacks to live their more easily..  This isn't something that they're couching in vague terms (like 'section 8 housing for the disadvantaged') , this is something that he's come right out and said: "not enough blacks in your white neighborhoods".  This is rather awkward for those who at least want to put on a face of "we're all equal" and "diversity isn't bad".  Oh, then why isn't there a program to settle whites (or for that matter, anyone) into black neighborhoods?  Why?  Because they suck.  Why do they suck?  Because of the people who live there.  This image has been wandering the interwebs:
Despite the Republicans being cast as the 'white' party (which isn't entirely unfair, or something bad), how about casting the Democrats as the 'black' party.  This is actually an old idea from Steve Sailer, but with black president glorifying/encouraging black crime, sacrificing white communities for the sake of black revenge, and trying to gin up a health care law that will sacrifice the health care of retired whites for all blacks; then the characterization isn't exactly unfair.  This would never be done though.  Being cast as the 'white' party by lefties is an effort to infer that the Republicans secretly hate other races, which is bad enough.  However, casting the Democrats as the 'black' party not only carries that meaning, but also carries the weight of a failed black society.  Kind of like if someone says 'black school' (What?  you're not sending your kids there?  Racist.)