Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Z Fallout

This whole honoring someone who beats people's heads into concrete thing is a new low for the Big Zero, which is really (really) saying something.  Looking to gin up black hate enough to get a few more votes in the midterms, he's now trying to bring the guns of the Federal juggernaut (captained by Eric 'my people' Holder) to bear on Zimmerman, a man who otherwise would seem to personify liberal squishiness.

Despite the horrible racism and race baiting of Barry the Terrible (stolen from a commentator on The Corner), a different commentator (NOT on The Corner) said that Zimmerman now has a license to kill. One can envision in the future some black 'yoof' approaching him menacingly in the future and ends up getting shot by Zimmerman.  Societal reaction: "Meh, again?  So what?"

Anyway, I couldn't let this go by without some quick and dirty 'art' inspired by the trial:

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