Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Z Fallout

This whole honoring someone who beats people's heads into concrete thing is a new low for the Big Zero, which is really (really) saying something.  Looking to gin up black hate enough to get a few more votes in the midterms, he's now trying to bring the guns of the Federal juggernaut (captained by Eric 'my people' Holder) to bear on Zimmerman, a man who otherwise would seem to personify liberal squishiness.

Despite the horrible racism and race baiting of Barry the Terrible (stolen from a commentator on The Corner), a different commentator (NOT on The Corner) said that Zimmerman now has a license to kill. One can envision in the future some black 'yoof' approaching him menacingly in the future and ends up getting shot by Zimmerman.  Societal reaction: "Meh, again?  So what?"

Anyway, I couldn't let this go by without some quick and dirty 'art' inspired by the trial:

Monday, July 08, 2013

Word Failure

Looking for a picture of the American flag:

Monday, July 01, 2013

Out in the Open

I've been following the Zimmerman trial proceedings over at Legal Insurrection and it's been instructive what a waste of time this whole thing is.  Although The Derb thinks that a conviction is in the bag, I'm tending to highly doubt.  The state might, might, have been able to guilt the jurors into a manslaughter conviction, but murder 2?  It's a classic case of the prosecutor over-charging in the hopes of getting a plea deal, but when the defendant isn't even guilty of the lesser charge that they'd plead out to you have all the hallmarks of a circus of a trial.

There have been a lot of clowns, but by now everyone knows about Dee-Dee, or whatever her name is; the screenshot from YouTube says it all:
I have to say that this woman didn't even register anything on the ol' Sandmich-O-Meter.  I see 'Dee Dee' all the time coming out of the mall, complaining about the Ohio high school graduation tests, and picking through ice cream snacks at Wal-Mart.  The only thing that might be considered remarkable about her is how unremarkable she is*.

I guess though that the existence of Dee Dee is not supposed to be out in the open as the liberal press went into high octane mode in an effort to persuade people to ignore their own lying eyes and see that Dee Dee does not actually exist.  Stuff like "the defense was mean", "schools have let her down", and "white people just don't understand" was bandied about.  To a large part though, it seemed like the press was firing at itself with cannons full of PC grapeshot in an effort to convince themselves that they do not live in a world full of Dee Dees and that some magic formula will be found to convince the Dee Dees that they need to read the stupid newspapers that they print and the stupid news shows that they televise.  Good luck with that.
On the Legal Insurrection page, the lawyer who was crafting the posts was also (kindly) answering comments.  At some point he got into the intricacies of proving self defense.  He went into the fact that Zimmerman is indeed innocent until proven guilty and that the prosecutor has to prove that something other than self defense occurred.  The lawyer then went on to say that this was the case in every state in the union save one: Ohio.  Yes, in Ohio when it comes to self defense you are guilty until proven innocent, thus the insistence on local lawyers that you invoke your fifth amendment rights and wait to speak with a lawyer even if the self defense was entirely justified (though if I had to generalize, in past cases it seems like the Cuyahoga county prosecutor is a pretty fair dealer).
Of interest along those lines is the idea of 'open carry'.  This is where, instead of carrying a concealed firearm, you carry it outside your clothing in plain view.  I was curious about this, mainly because I was mulling over riding my bike to and from work and that open carry would work as a better outward deterrent than having to bother with concealed carry.  Firearm laws are a real sticky trap though.  This site has a memo posted that details some of the intricacies of open carry.  Probably the most interesting thing is that you can open carry, but if you open carry in a car you need a concealed carry permit, otherwise the firearm in the car needs to be unloaded and any ammo for the weapon cannot be in a clip/quick loader for the weapon.  On a different open carry site, from California, they also said that the open carry weapon cannot be loaded, but I've been unable to find any details related to this in Ohio.  Anyway indeed you do need a permit for concealed carry, but you do not need one for open carry (but do expect to stopped by the local police every now then to answer some questions).

*There was some criticism about Dee Dee's inability to read cursive.  To a large extent this is fair as reading it is not that hard, and, well, she said that she had written it.  I must point out though that since cursive writing appears on no standardized test that teaching students cursive has fallen by the wayside.  This doesn't just apply to 'Dee Dee' schools either.  It may well be that in 50 years that cursive reading/writing well be a lost art.