Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Idiocracy Watch

A few months ago during the sequester debate (or whatever that was), I was accidentally watching CBS evening news and they had a story on about how people were going to be furloughed, etc. The whole story had an odd tone though as they couldn't bad mouth Obama (heavens no!) since the sequester was his idea and they couldn't bad mouth the Republicans because it's not like we have the money (we don't). It was just a story about people caught up in this otherworldly experience caused by forces beyond the control of man. It reminded me, greatly, of the scene in Idiocracy where a manager of some sort was complaining about how the computer that actually ran the factory was firing people.  The causes and reasons behind what was going on seemed beyond the comprehension of those involved, in both cases, even though the actual reasons were quite simple.

The Plain Dealer has been repeatedly outdoing itself in regards to Obamacare/PPACA with doozies like this about Baldwin Wallace dropping it's health care plan for students:
The Affordable Care Act increases benefits of student health plans, but at a cost.
The fact that something so stupid could be written without someone drooling on their keyboard is a sign of how far we’ve regressed. “Man buys more pizzas, amazed that he is charged more”.

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