Saturday, February 09, 2013

Gym Thoughts

So while at my brother/sis-in-law's posh gym I was ever more depressed about my home gym which is an old Y.  Sure they have a glorified indoor water park and exercise equipment with TVs, but my Y at home thoughtfully has pieces of carpet already removed from where you might want to drop a weight.  Sure they have a half dozen giant flat screens, but my Y is environmentally friendly by still using ten year old tubes and you can listen to them over an FM radio, which would work if anyone carried one of those...or if they actually had hooked up the transmitters.  Anyway...
  • There was a teenager at the gym with a hoodie on which said 'Hard' on one side of the zipper and 'Candy' on the other side, *groan*.  Anyway, she had 'skunk stripe' dyed onto part of her hair (not down the middle) and my only thought was "there was a girl in my high that did her hair like that..."
  • I had accidentally left my brother's water bottle at the gym previously and when I went to retrieve it there was another one just like it, but it was green and I said "like that, but blue" and the gym attendant said "like a standard Nalgene water bottle then?"  A what?  Water bottles have brands?  Even those that are just glorified, plastic quart jars?  Further research though shows that the Sandmich's water bottle of choice is the same brand.
  • While I was on the elliptical type thing an over-weight ethnic woman got on the device next to me.  In my mind I couldn't help but what wonder what the odds were of her giving up on the workout before I was even done.
  • It's a great workout facility, but it also hosts various kids sporting events, thus this is the only gym that I've been to that has a hot dog cart in it.
  • At my Y there's a nurse workout 'buddy' who will wipe off equipment before and after she uses it.  I always figured that she was some sort of germ-a-phobe (I suppose a medical job would do that), but at the posh gym I wiped off the exercise ball and the sheet came back brown.  Better safe than sorry I guess, though it's not like I was going to eat it or anything.

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rungirl34 said...

One of my favorite "features" of my gym is the silence. There is no overly-cliche music blaring through the speakers, no weights slamming, and no guys grunting loudly--kinda like working out in a library. Some may call our gym "posh" but I think that they just cater to the older crowd (as in retired). It is the only gym that I've been to that has figured out (or taken the time to) ground the treadmills correctly so that I don't get shocked every time I accidently touch any plastic part while running...