Saturday, February 09, 2013

Government Gardening

The Plain Dealer lays the headline on thick:
Ohio will share in $9 million USDA funds to promote farmers markets

Now I will admit that I have very mild soft spot for farmers markets (very), but if their greatness requires government gravy, then they must not be all that great.  Ohio will be getting $450,000 of the $9,000,000, but it largely won't even be going to farmers markets at all:
$39,995 to Famicos Foundation, for a door-to-door and robo-call campaign to let people know food stamps can be used at many farmers markets.
This was an old post that I had tooling around in the draft bin, but I have to wonder: how much food, farmer's market or otherwise, can be purchased for even $40,000.  If I spent $20 a day on food (which is A LOT) I come up with five and a half years worth of food.  Almost hard to believe our government is financially self-destructing...

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