Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ow my Brains!

A few days ago I was trapped on a piece of aerobic equipment when I looked up from my magazine and glanced the Big Bang Theory for the first time, long enough to catch one joke.  I'll precede this by mentioning that I've had various acquaintances talk the show up, but something never added up in the back of my head: if, say, 'smart' people like myself were supposed to find it amusing, what then was in it for the people who were recommending it to me?

Anyway, the joke.  A sub-character mentioned something about 'cheap science fiction' to one of the shows main male protagonists at which point the protagonist was taken aback and hilarity ensued.  "Ah there it is", I thought "it isn't a show where smart people are funny, it's a show where dumb people make smart people look funny."  This isn't too far separated from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the sole episode that I watched where I thought that they were making fun of PC mores, but in reality they were making fun of people who make fun of PC mores.

I thought that perhaps I had given Big Bang an unfair judgement after a few seconds of viewing until I caught this Penny Arcade comic* which affirmed my suspicions: Big Bang Theory is just another brick in the road to Ow my Balls!

*The comic is tied to this post in which it is posited that 'there is no such thing as nerds'.  This is something that I hadn't thought about any time recently and a little further pondering has me half believing that the age of the nerd has passed into the great beyond.

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