Monday, January 28, 2013

Completely Unrelated

On a completely incompetent judge that even her liberal peers say should be sacked:
I've detailed complaints about her before, in a 2009 story and 2011 column. In the latter, I urged voters to look past her political name and support her opponent in her re-election bid. I pointed out that Stokes had received a zero rating in the fall of 2011 from four separate legal groups, which go to great lengths to vet judges.
Stokes, on the bench since 1996, easily won another term.
On a (pointless) drive to make testing in Ohio public schools more difficult:
If the cut score were set where it's expected to be, 77 percent of Rocky River eighth-graders -- instead of 96 percent -- would pass the math test. At the other extreme, 4 percent of East Cleveland eighth-graders -- instead of 37 percent -- would pass.
Even more fun in that last story is the high-to-low pass chart listing the school districts. Locals will immediately notice the demographic differences between the top and bottom, though everyone else can make a pretty good guess.

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