Thursday, January 17, 2013


Since I often am lagging in media acquisitions, it feels like I'm always running a year behind when it comes to 'best of the year' lists, but it's worth a shot:
  • Video game:  I actually purchased a goodly number of 2012 video games in 2012.  In a world of niche markets and small ball portable crap, it was refreshing to play something as large as Darksiders 2.  Again, it's a shame that THQ probably isn't a going to be a 'going concern' for too much longer as they can crank out a great game every now and then.
  • Movie: The Avengers, a great movie by any measure.  It speaks volumes about the movie industry though that the next best movie was the latest Resident Evil movie.
  • TV: Football.  Okay okay, that 50 Years of Bond Cars by Top Gear was pretty good.
  • Music: Most of the stuff that I picked up was old(er).  Mindy Smith put out what is probably her best album, but I also did get this nice dance tune.  However, what may be the best song that I acquired this year is R√∂yksopp's Alpha Male, from 2005.  For 2012, nothing beat cruising the dark Colorado roads with this cranked:

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