Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Sandmich-Drudge Connection

Drudge links to this story about a driver who drove up on the sidewalk to get around a school bus that was waiting to pick up a disabled child.  Interestingly enough, or not, Mrs. Sandmich herself played a part in this story and the entire reason that the event was filmed to begin with.

For a time, Mrs. Sandmich had a job on the near east side of Cleveland.  On her first day of work she saw a woman drive on the sidewalk to get around the traffic waiting behind a stopped school bus that was waiting to pick up a disabled child. And then Mrs. Sandmich saw this same woman do it again the next day, and the next day, and so on.  She finally asked the bus driver what was up and the driver said that "she always does that" and then said that it wasn't important enough for the local law (Cleveland) to do anything about.

Mrs. Sandmich then took it upon herself to call the police to report the issue.  "Not our problem" they said, "that's the traffic cops, get them to come out and stop her".  She calls the traffic cops, but they regret to inform her that they don't get into work until eight (am), so they can't do anything about the incident which was happening around 7:30am.

I kid you not.

The whole reason the video exists is that Mrs. Sandmich relayed from the traffic cops to the bus driver that if they got it on film that the traffic cops would bust the woman after the fact.  Knowing this, the bus driver got the incident on video and what passes for law enforcement in Cleveland roused themselves long enough to bring her in.

And yes, this is the same city that had the time to bust vendors in that same section of town for selling single cigarettes.

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