Tuesday, November 06, 2012


The Fallout series of games take place after a nuclear apocalypse and earlier I had briefly mentioned Fallout 3 (which takes place in the post war Washington DC area).  The game (especially the game-of-the-year edition) comes with a huge variety of quests, mini-quests and encounters as you wander the wasteland.  I keep meaning to point out two that stuck in my mind.

While just wandering around, I came upon a slaver camp.  I should point out that 99% of the encounters with bandits, slaves, slavers, etc. are white/Caucasian NPCs.   Anyway, not being a big fan of slavers I took it upon myself to be inquisitive...with my assault rifle.  It turned out that the guy running the slaver camp was a black 'preacher' by the name Eulogy Jones.  Since I used non-verbal methods to invade the camp and never got to speak to him without many bullets inside of him, I kind of wondered what Mr. Jones's story was, but I did get a nice suit out of the deal anyway.  (As an aside to this, in an add-on where a former military man has turned Pittsburgh into a glorified slave colony, the master of the colony is also black).

Later in the game there is an interesting side quest surrounding one Mr. Tenpenny.  Tenpenny had set up a quiet oasis in an old hotel in the wastelands, but no black people ghouls (semi-civilized zombies) were allowed to live there.  Naturally the ghouls living underground nearby resented Tenpenny and felt that they should be allowed to live there as well.  The quest kind of kicks off with either encountering the ghoul leader in their shelter, or entering Tenpenny Tower as it's called, as a couple of ghouls get turned away at the gate.
Tenpenny Tower

Before continuing, I'll point out that in Fallout there's a 'karma' characteristic where you can be either good (help people, kill only bad guys, etc.) or bad (thieving, help bad guys, etc.).  Being good brings some long term benefits later in the game while being bad gives you (generally) short term benefits early in the game.  For the Tenpenny quest, the game guides you into good karma by working to give the ghouls a chance to live at Tenpenny Towers.  Every time the player kicks an anti-ghoul human out of the tower, or convinces another human to the idea of letting the blacks ghouls live in the Tower, the player's karma is improved.  After enough hard work Tenpenny finally relents and allows human and ghoul to live side by side in peace.

It seems a lot of players leave it at that, but if you return to Tenpenny Towers a few days later you discover that the ghoul junta has wiped out the humans.  Speaking to the new ghoul residents leads to reactions like "oh that's a shame, the white people humans didn't seem that bad, but oh well...".   Although a nice prize is given for helping the ghouls I couldn't help but feel sick and I have a hard time believing that whoever scripted the event wasn't in on the double meaning.

Anyway in the end, as with the slavers, I let my assault rifle do the talking; karma be dammed.

A Sandmich-Drudge Connection

Drudge links to this story about a driver who drove up on the sidewalk to get around a school bus that was waiting to pick up a disabled child.  Interestingly enough, or not, Mrs. Sandmich herself played a part in this story and the entire reason that the event was filmed to begin with.

For a time, Mrs. Sandmich had a job on the near east side of Cleveland.  On her first day of work she saw a woman drive on the sidewalk to get around the traffic waiting behind a stopped school bus that was waiting to pick up a disabled child. And then Mrs. Sandmich saw this same woman do it again the next day, and the next day, and so on.  She finally asked the bus driver what was up and the driver said that "she always does that" and then said that it wasn't important enough for the local law (Cleveland) to do anything about.

Mrs. Sandmich then took it upon herself to call the police to report the issue.  "Not our problem" they said, "that's the traffic cops, get them to come out and stop her".  She calls the traffic cops, but they regret to inform her that they don't get into work until eight (am), so they can't do anything about the incident which was happening around 7:30am.

I kid you not.

The whole reason the video exists is that Mrs. Sandmich relayed from the traffic cops to the bus driver that if they got it on film that the traffic cops would bust the woman after the fact.  Knowing this, the bus driver got the incident on video and what passes for law enforcement in Cleveland roused themselves long enough to bring her in.

And yes, this is the same city that had the time to bust vendors in that same section of town for selling single cigarettes.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Happy birthday to my youngest brother who turns 3-0 today! I'll point out again that for the next exciting two and a half months, myself and my five siblings are all in our thirties.