Saturday, September 29, 2012

Drunk Blogging 2

Ooof, using a batch of 'turbo yeast' I made a batch of homemade 'rum'.  I figured I would at least relate the fact that homemade booze has a tendency to sneak up on you (as a warning). The conspiracy theory around how low proof alcohols are manufactured (beer, bottom shelf booze, etc.) is that they distill ALL the alcohol out of it and then put the proper amount of 'canned alcohol' after the fact (from a home brewers perspective, it's really difficult to arrive at a specific alcohol content without using this method).  It's interesting then the affects (effects?) of home brew booze as it seems to drink like water, until you suddenly need the computer's spellchecker to spell words like 'booze'.

I'll note only for the time being that Mrs. Sandmich* is upset at my little bro (I only have little bros, all of them great, except for one, HA!**) for introducing me to Archer.  It's a royally fun show, but I must admit that it's even more fun with some home brew.  It reminds me a bit of this Futurama intro that I found mildly amusing.

*I'll admit now that on more than one occasion Mrs. Sandmich has kindly volunteered to drive us home from a bar after I partake in...too many, er, "spirits".  On these occasions though, I'm always amused that I'm never so drunk that I think that I would be the worst driver on the road.

**Just kidding, they're all great!  Dr. Kendall related a tale from my last drunk blog, and while sober, I had to admit that I didn't recall which sibling went with wich, umm, which, umm, you get my piuint.  Time for a gin and tonic and more Archer!

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