Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Small Talk

Drudge (and others) note the TSA "chat" downs.  I have to say that I was "subjected" to this on a recent flight and found it amusing that being friendly and talking to people was a strategy that the TSA had to intentionally implement.  I thought so little of it (I even knew what the dude was doing and why) that I didn't think to mention it, perhaps because the TSA guy did most of the talking ("Oh you're going to X?*  Why I...."etc.).  It seemed like the guy was relieved to be assigned to some task other than "be an asshole all day" and I didn't want to spoil it for him.

I can see where some of the controversy is in the latest dust up (the TSA isn't law enforcement and has no business playing pretend police), but along with the 'racial profiling' accusation I'm almost (almost) of a mind that the TSA was starting to get a clue about how to do it's job; but there will be none of THAT in our fine Federal government!

*Sorry, I don't remember which flight it was, but I really want to say it was the January Denver flight.

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