Thursday, August 30, 2012

Colorado Thoughts #2

For #1 from back in February see here.  Otherwise, I was looking at the photos on my old phone and figured I'd finally get around to dumping a LATE post.
Firstly, at the end of the last post I remarked that rental company should let me know when the snow is up to my bumper, hahahahaha! ha......
Anyway, I guess they generally don't get a lot of snow there as I think that there's four salt trucks for the whole state.  This made for some real white knuckle driving at times and I stand corrected as far as failing to rent four wheel drive.
My brother was kind enough to take me out for a brief hike in the mountains, a first for me:

Not pictured: Oxygen, as there isn't any.
All around were these exotic boulders/rocks which Mrs. Sandmich later informed me are something called "granite":
I was going to have a separate post about my Portland trip, but since my posting time is tight I figured I'd post a picture that says it all:
EV station at a Portland area Walgreen's
This brings up a larger point that bounced around in my head in visiting both places.  The cares, concerns, motivations, environment, etc. of the people in both places are all subtly different enough to produce a people that are just different from those of us in northeast Ohio (I begrudgingly include myself for the point of this exercise).  Not 'bad' different or anything like that, but by necessity the lives that they live day to day aren't the same.  Do people in these places know this?  Are they satisfied having a Dennis Kucinich character dictate to them what kind of laws they should live under?  Likewise, why do the people in Ohio tolerate the idea of living under the yoke of bad ideas inevitably churned out by the legislative idiots produced by places like Washington and Oregon?

Federalism is an idea long past revisiting.  People in Ohio, Oregon, Colorado, etc. have their own ideas about how life should be lived and it may well be that those ideas are best for the people in those particular areas, but it's sloppy to try and mix those colors and apply it to everyone.

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