Friday, August 31, 2012

August Diary

We finally made it to the shooting range with Sally and her sister.  I must confess that my horrid shooting shone through yet again as Sally, who had never shot before, had way better aim than me.

There was a tea party rally in downtown Cleveland (a couple of near-do-well attendees pictured).  The crowd was decent sized, especially for a union backwater like Northeast Ohio, but the lack of press coverage surprised even my cynical self.  Perhaps the next time it can be a tea party / puppy adoption marathon and the press will be guaranteed to show up!

My brother-in-law kindly purchased these pricey bottles for me at a place in Ann Arbor and I had been neglectful in telling him how the worked: great!  Although the bottles were non-too-cheap, it might amaze him to know that a place with $150/lb ham (no joke) sells this type of bottle for the cheapest price that I've found.  Some microbrews use them, and although they cost a bit more, at least they come filled with beer.  Thanks a bunches for the bottles bro, they're easier than capping!
File this under "do not eat this".  Mrs. Sandmich had brought some blank CDs home from one of her acquaintances, but they had oddly left the clear and black plastic spacers in the sandwich bag.  I guess they had to write on the clear one to keep from using it (which made me wonder if they'd try to use the black spacer when they got to the bottom). 

Cute!  A favorite joke of mine is that some people come over and say that they'd love to have a dog like that, to which I say "how about one exactly like that?"
Some interesting college notes.  Kid Sandmich had taken a math entrance exam for the local community college and did horrible on it.  This, as I theorized, was due to the fact that he rushed through it so as he could get back to screwing around.  I gave hime the benefit of the doubt though, figuring that he was rusty.  Low and behold, his remedial math class starts up and he remarks how bored he is since he already knows it all, to which myself and Mrs. Sandmich both remark that he should have spent more friggin' time on the entrance exam so that he wouldn't have to take that class.  Good thing we're making HIM pay for it, perhaps he'll learn a lesson in patience and frugality, eventually.

As well, Sally had to rearrange her schedule to avoid taking a $440 a credit hour hit if she went over the local college's 16 credit hour limit (this was put in place so that they could build more buildings).  For her trouble she was dumped into an upperclassmen level chemistry class with 170 students (to which she say she has to show up early to avoid sitting in the cheap seats).  I recall a defender of brick and mortar universities saying that STEM fields in particular are immune to online universities and that only computer science-ie stuff works online since those type of students bring their own 'lab' with them.  But what, pray tell, is the difference between an online chemistry class and one that has 170 friggin' people in it?  (I mean, besides the inconvenience of having to crowd into a lecture auditorium).

Finally a congrats to my brother/in-law/sister/in-law on our latest niece and nephew.  Belatedly a little bit on the niece to be sure (do try to be born closer together), but still, the more nieces and nephews the merrier!  BTW, keep nude baby pics to yourself. ;-)

NOT my car

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