Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Rot of Federal Law Enforcement

There's stories aplenty on this, such the government's inability to keep people from walking across a patch of dirt:

Each year illegal immigrants leave behind an estimated 2,000 tons of trash—including soiled diapers, plastic bottles and abandoned vehicles—in public Arizona lands along the border, Darwin said, and it’s becoming tougher to clean up the huge mess. “These are dangerous areas,” Darwin told the panel. “These are known areas of illegal immigration, illegal drug trafficking.”
Of course the Obama Overlord doesn't help when he goes out and gives lawbreakers get out of jail free cards, and health care, and a free education, and so on.  Makes one wonder why they try to stay within the letter of the law anyway.  "Destroyers of civilization", that's what Obama and his ilk are.

On the same token, one was to wonder why law enforcement bothers.  From this story John Derbyshire makes the following point:
Back to that [illegal immigrant] Hispanic couple in the forest. An outfit called the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project complained to the Agriculture Department about their treatment. You know, of course, that any group with "immigrant rights" in its title would not lift a finger to help me, who is certainly an immigrant; its entire purpose is to make a nuisance of itself on behalf of illegal Mexican immigrants.
That complaint went through the bureaucratic machinery, and this week we got a ruling from Dr. Leonard's office. Ruling: The Forest Service violated the Hispanic woman's civil rights by calling the Border Patrol to translate for them. It was, said the office, "humiliating" to Hispanics and furthermore was an illicit way to capture more illegal immigrants, which of course nobody in our federal government wants to do.
Got that? If a law enforcement officer from one Federal agency calls for assistance from the Border Patrol, which of course is another federal agency, someone's civil rights just got violated.
This makes sense to the federal government in the Age of Obama.
And then on top of that Stacy "the other" McCain notes that the FBI can't be bothered to properly investigate the left's harassment via law enforcement of their critics:

Is the FBI incompetent? Or — I hesitate to suggest this — has the Justice Department become so corrupted that even the FBI’s hard-won reputation for integrity has been compromised?
A question worth pondering perhaps, but don't worry as the FBI are hard at work tracking down crimethink (h/t Glenn Reynolds):

“Two FBI agents showed up here with a picture of Zimmerman asked me if I recognized him,” said gun dealer Khaled Akkawi, who was listed as a witness in the case. “They were pretty much asking along the lines of if he had made racial comments or anything."
So Obama/Holder have pretty much set out:
  • Black Panthers and lefties can harass whoever they want with impunity, along with that person's family and neighbors.
  • Illegal immigrant and other favored law breakers (Jon Corzine, etc.) get a pass.
  • Anyone who dares to take issue with Obama or who he views as an enemy will have their taxes audited, the SWAT team 'mistakenly' sent to their house, cleverly edited "news" stories done to vilify them, and federal law enforcement sent around to see if they had any 'naughty thoughts'.
Well, what could possibly go wrong.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/06/15/2851642/fbi-queried-gun-dealers-in-zimmerman.html#storylink=cpy

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