Saturday, June 09, 2012

Drunk Blogging

Whenever I'm ill disciplined and feel that I need proper guidance, I miss my sister.  Whenever I feel that I lack the proper motivation to clean and craft my house I miss my sister.  Whenever I feel a little short in the 'brain focus department, I miss my sister.

As well, whenever I need an honest discussion I miss my sister.  Whenever someone that will tell me that my laid back attitude is okay I miss my sister.  Whenever I need blunt insight I miss my sister.  Whenever I want to get my drink on I miss my sister.

Did I mention that I have two sisters? ;-)

On a different note, that post about US Airways was my 1000th post, believe it or not.  I scanned through, well, half the posts.  I still stand by my thought that I'm genuinely proud of probably no more than a dozen of those posts.  I found several named after songs, movies, video game characters, and even anime in an effort to be cute, but I'm afraid that creating genuine, intellectually challenging content is much harder than I thought it would be ;-)

Anyway, the bourbon has run out of my glass, be back later....

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