Sunday, June 10, 2012

Attack of the Summer Movies

Or at least some of them.  I was amazed when I was outside of a nearby theater and I realized that I could sit through all eight movies on their marquee.  I might not love them, such as schlock like Battleship, but I could sit through them.  Alas time is short so I've only seen four.

  • That Snow White Movie - Whereas teen girls could trick their boyfriends (maybe) into seeing a vampire movie, the crew that brought us Twilight has given us a movie where the boyfriends can turn the tables.  Featuring a Lord of the Rings level of medieval themed action, and 2D characters to hold place settings throughout the movie, this one ranks as 'watchable'.
  • The Avengers - Actually better than I thought it was going to be, and I thought that it was going to be pretty good.  I'm puzzled how Joss Whedon pulled off a a great look at so many complex characters, including the villain, while the Snow White and the Huntsman director couldn't pull off the same feat with half the cast.  This is obviously a movie that shouldn't be missed.
  • Men in Black 3/III - This one was definitely a surprise.  Rather than pulling the same action/comedy movie stunt and adding more characters to the storyline, this one is actually a bit stripped down and relies heavily on the modern day Abbot-Costello routine of Smith-Jones (who is aped well by Josh Brolin for better than half the movie).  I wasn't a big fan of the other two, but this one I genuinely liked and I consider it the best of the MiB bunch.
  • Prometheus - What was that deal the bit at the beginning?  And the bit at the end?  And all the bits in between?  Shorter than it wanted to be, and longer than it should have been, Prometheus makes the case that Ridley Scott has actually only made one good movie, Alien.  I know, I'm a fan of Blade Runner too (well, you probably aren't), but let's face it, the directors cut of that film is art house sci-fi.  In fact, that may have been where Ridley Scott went wrong as he may have internalized Phillip K Dick's writing strategy for his novels: a string of set pieces and ideas that are strung together in a barely coherent form.  Although I have to admit, I have no idea where Ridley Scott picked up his love of staring.  Tolerable to sit through once, but like Gladiator, you'll wonder why you did.
Staring...staring!!!  I hated that woman-character from her first appearance.  Guess who lives through the whole movie!  Prometheus would have been much better in it was just the android character (right) walking around the set as the eye candy is the only reason to show up.

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