Monday, April 02, 2012

Barbarians at the Gated Community

The local YMCA loves to put CNN on one of it's four TVs, which I guess doesn't matter since everyone reads their books while listening to music anyway, but I couldn't help but notice that they've been providing a valuable service.  Should you find a thug beating your head into a curb, you can apparently call CNN and they will let you know if it is right and proper to defend yourself.  Thanks guys!

As well, in a typical, though entertaining, Denninger screed he notes a CNN quote:
Today's cameras, fences, walls and gates do little to create an atmosphere of openness, which is an essential element in a diverse society.
I think this quote needs some "NBC work" to better fit reality (actual reality, not NBC fever dreams):
Today's cameras, fences, walls and gates are essential elements in a diverse society. 
What's amazing is the number of break-ins in that community despite being gated. It sounds like it's time to pull out the razor wire!
Paraphrasing two fun comments that I saw on boards related to this story:
Zimmerman is "white-Hispanic"?  Is that what they'd call him if he won the Nobel Prize?
"Justice for Trayvon"?  I think that's already been taken care of.

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