Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gardening Notes

Home Depot has their gardening plants at half off for the weekend, but some of their tomato plants helpfully already have blight. Be sure to buy a blight less one along with the fungicide/disease control that they sell and hope for the best.

As well they are also selling mint. If you are not psychotic and want some mint, just stop by my yard and grab as much as you can. Don't plant it though, it can never be defeated, only contained.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make Work

Ann Althouse notes:
But Michelle [AntoinBama] was making $300,000+ doing "community affairs" at the University of Chicago Medical Center. That was no ordinary job...
Indeed, the job she was doing was so important that the position was eliminated after she had to resign so that she could take luxury, taxpayer financed trips to Spain, Las Vegas, etc. Less 'job' and more 'bribe' methinks; unless someone thinks that a disposable "community affairs" position at an organization prone to regulation by her husband in the state senate is actually a serious "job".

Monday, April 02, 2012

Barbarians at the Gated Community

The local YMCA loves to put CNN on one of it's four TVs, which I guess doesn't matter since everyone reads their books while listening to music anyway, but I couldn't help but notice that they've been providing a valuable service.  Should you find a thug beating your head into a curb, you can apparently call CNN and they will let you know if it is right and proper to defend yourself.  Thanks guys!

As well, in a typical, though entertaining, Denninger screed he notes a CNN quote:
Today's cameras, fences, walls and gates do little to create an atmosphere of openness, which is an essential element in a diverse society.
I think this quote needs some "NBC work" to better fit reality (actual reality, not NBC fever dreams):
Today's cameras, fences, walls and gates are essential elements in a diverse society. 
What's amazing is the number of break-ins in that community despite being gated. It sounds like it's time to pull out the razor wire!
Paraphrasing two fun comments that I saw on boards related to this story:
Zimmerman is "white-Hispanic"?  Is that what they'd call him if he won the Nobel Prize?
"Justice for Trayvon"?  I think that's already been taken care of.