Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sandmich Drive Time

Back in Sandmich's day, when it came time to get a driver's license, we would take our temp test (hand written, of course) go to drivers ed, the go take the driver's test and get our Official Ohio State Driver's License, a license that is the same type of license I have in my pocket now.

In the intervening millennia when Kid Sandmich became old enough to drive, the powers that be passed a raft of laws (PDF link) restricting the drive time of those under 18.  Additionally, in addition to the other requirements, it is required that the teen driver have 50 hours of mentored time behind the wheel.  Now, the easiest way out of this, as far as I can tell, is to lie.  However, Mr. and Mrs. Sandmich being upstanding citizens (well, at least one of us), we were determined to get those 50 hours.

Luckily, an 18 year old doesn't need 50 hours because there was never a prayer of us logging all 50 of those hours (that's like 6 round trip drives between here and Chicago, and the thought of the price of gas alone was enough to scare me off).  Anyway, Kid Sandmich's temps expired, which required him to retake the written test (now on computer) at the DMV.  We had some issues with his car and the long story short is that the battery died in his car at the DMV.  Me being the only one who could drive, I 'volunteered' to huff it home and get a car that worked (me also being the only one who could do the two and half miles in less than two and half hours).

After we had the new battery in his car however, we had a dilemma, two cars, and one properly licensed driver (who wasn't about to huff it from home to the DMV).  I resolved that Kid Sandmich would have to drive with his semi-legal temps and follow me home (my logic being that if President Obongo's illegal alien uncle could drive drunk with a fake license, I figured that'd make Kid Sandmich a legally licensed test pilot or something at least!).

I drove out in front and watched in my rear view figuring that Kid Sandmich's lane fidelity and driving consistency would be worse than when I was in the car with him, only it wasn't, it was better.  The logic hit me: kids my age had to learn how to drive while Kid Sandmich had been tasked with learning how to chauffeur.  It was much easier for him to drive when he was driving rather than waiting for constant feed back from me.  All the more interesting since no two drivers drive exactly alike, and it must be that a driver must find their own peace with the driver that they are meant to be.

(I was 50% sober when posting this, just as I'll probably be from now on now that I have designated driver in the house :-)

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