Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dirty Day

On my way from my office to the plant where they were having a technical issue yesterday, a little silver Chevy POS quickly and violently (and illegally) swung out wide from a mall parking drive perpendicular to me.   He very nearly hit me and as a result of trying to avoid hitting him my poor Matrix has probably met it's end....
It was a newer Chevy that I believe was an Aveo, but I must confess that it may have been a Cobalt, but it was notable for having a rear spoiler, as if the backend of that thing would ever come off the ground without the rest of the car.  And yes, he lead footed away (I got out of the car quickly to try and run and catch his plate number, but trying to catch a car on foot is harder than you think).

A kind soul came back to help me, and she had a partial plate tag which unfortunately turned out to be very nearly useless (F0G 8207*, or maybe F06 8207, with '0's for '8's perhaps; anyway she gets an 'A' for effort as her testimony to the police kept me from getting cited and kept my insurance from giving me grief, thus far).  I work right across from where this went down in Parma and I'm hoping that over the coming months I'll have an opportunity to track his car down.

I always had a love/hate relationship with this car.  It was wicked fast, but it only took (lots of) premium fuel.  It could accelerate faster than very nearly any car in it's class, but it had almost no torque and would break a sweat on anything more than a mild grade.  The interior had amenities that I'll probably never have in another car (120v socket, six disk changer, sun roof, leather wheel and shifter, etc.),  but the thing chewed through break pads like chewing gum, and the clutch was starting to feel iffy, again!

It did have one redeemable trait that made it one of my favorite cars in the universe though: it was paid off.  Now I'm looking down the barrel of the friggin' debt gun again.  It's the way of the Sandmich to dream that one day in the distant future that I might be able to get our household debt-to-income ratio down under 150%, and anything that puts off that day, yet again, is a real kick in the groin (that's what sucks; even if I could track the guy down I would just be getting a B.S. check from a different insurance company.  I would still be out my paid off car).

*(Some kindly dispatchers tried to help Mrs. Sandmich track down the tag, but they insisted that Ohio tags don't have O/0s; which was quickly refuted once we got on the road and saw a canned tag that did have a 0.  When's that moon colonization thing kicking off?).

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