Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Cake

I've long not been a fan of cake.  They're generally bland and lifeless for a desert with none of the charm of their 'pie' cousins.  A few times for my birthday however, my mom made me a German Chocolate cake, which is the greatest cake ever (at least among cakes which don't also have the word 'cheese' in front of it....unless it also has the words 'German Chocolate' in front of the word 'cheese' as well, anyway I digress....).  Ever since, my birthday cake of choice has been German Chocolate, by far.

However, in wishing my sister a happy birthday, I'm reminded that our mom would typically make some cherry flavored disaster of a cake for my sister's birthday (sorry mom, I'm not a fan of cake, and fruit flavored cake ranks even lower).  It was all the more traumatic since we just got done eating my wonderful birthday cake three days earlier.  I've wondered though, does my sister hunger for cherry flavored layer cake on her birthday like I pine for German Chocolate?  (Or maybe it was strawberry flavored?  For all the resemblance that it had to actual fruit, I think we can agree that it was, at the very least, "pink" flavored.)

I don't know, but for anyone who knows the current iteration of my sis, they would no doubt be entertained by the thought of her slurping down some sloppily made layer cake that had been made with shelf-stable packaged goods purchased at some place that doesn't have the words "Whole" or "Trader" in their name.  Happy Birthday Sis!
My sister in question is the one with the pony tails. When I redid this picture a couple times for Facebook, I never noticed that it was backwards until now (now corrected since the lettering on my brother's shirt (I think it's my brother and not me) can now be read).


rungirl34 said...

It was "strawberry" and it was delicious...though, no, I can't say that I've had one since I was about, maybe 7. I actually have chosen just to add food coloring to white cake and icing for our girls (yes, from a BOX that usually starts with "Betty" or "Duncan. :))

rungirl34 said...

And, Happy Birthday to you!

Evil Sandmich said...

If you just use food coloring, how will they know the true flavorful glory that is strawberry (er, "strawberry") layer cake? I'm guessing that you like the idea of a pink cake for girls, but not the...classic flavor that goes along with it.