Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Pearl Harbor Day

Nothing makes me happier on Pearl Harbor day than to have my Japanese Uniqlo clock back on my blog!

A funny story on the radio this morning came from a sports announcer who told how moving it is to go to the Pearl Harbor memorial.  His story started out "First you get on a boat to go to the memorial, and you will be the only non-Japanese person in the boat...".

He was harsh about it, but I took it as further proof of the complete insanity of the whole affair.  No one can picture going to war with Japan now and at least as far as I can surmise, no one could picture going to war with them before the war (thus the complete surprise of Pearl Harbor).  In the current era anyone can picture unfortunate circumstances that would land the U.S. in a war with the likes of Russia or China, but getting attacked by Japan back then would, in the current day, be something along the lines of Brazil launching a surprise attach on Florida; a real "WTF!?" moment.

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