Saturday, November 19, 2011

Music Notes, Tre

We saw Mindy Smith tonight and it was a great show, especially seeing her (play by herself!) in a cozy venue.  During the show she played the great song Out Loud, only, now that I hear it on YouTube I realize that I'd only ever heard it live and that the studio version has had it's heart chopped out.  Some songs, like that one in particular, have a much better sound when the artist can bring their passion to bear on it.  I guess...imagine the YouTube version with Mindy nearly yelling it at you at you might get the effect (more along the lines of Come to Jesus), oh well...

She told a fun story though, about how she was an act on a 'cruise' and that it was difficult to play, etc.  "Okay", I think, "not the first act I'd think of on a cruise, still pretty cool though".  Then she said that the Indigo Girls* were playing the cruise as well. "Huh", I thought further, "exactly what kind of 'cruise' was this?"  Mrs. Sandmich thinks I'm wrong though for thinking that it was some sort of dyke-dike ship-a-marol.


I got a Mac store gift card with a recent purchase, and I picked up the album Tre by The Dining Rooms, mostly for the song Fluxus (though the whole album is good).  Fluxus has the melancholy tone and beat of a trance dance song, but is styled after (unsurprisingly) lounge music.  I can't get enough of it:

*And yes I like the Indigo Girls OK; but that doesn't make me a dyke...I think.  Anyway, Mindy was quite professional, but I must point out that I was entertained when she mildly crossed the PC boundary and used a gay lisp voice to make fun of some artist commentary.

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