Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Financial Hole

In light of the leeches of the state of Ohio killing off SB5, I post this chart:

It looks like Ohio pensions (to say nothing of retiree health benefits) are $188 BILLION in the hole. Perhaps the victorious government goons could enlighten us as to where the magic goose is that is to crap a golden egg of that size. Oh and I should let them know these pertinent facts:

  1. They didn't put money into Social Security, so they cannot draw benefits from there.
  2. They'll never get a wad that big out of the Ohio taxpayers.
  3. They'll never get a government bailout from the feds because they can't bail out every plan, and by the time these shortages (really) hit, the Federal Government will be lucky enough to roll the debt it already has.
  4. Legally binding agreements mean nothing if there is no friggin money.  In lieu of that fact, the "illegal" will be made "legal" and if there is a God, you will be screwed and living under an interstate; where for once you will be made equal to your former serfs.

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