Saturday, November 19, 2011

Music Notes, Tre

We saw Mindy Smith tonight and it was a great show, especially seeing her (play by herself!) in a cozy venue.  During the show she played the great song Out Loud, only, now that I hear it on YouTube I realize that I'd only ever heard it live and that the studio version has had it's heart chopped out.  Some songs, like that one in particular, have a much better sound when the artist can bring their passion to bear on it.  I guess...imagine the YouTube version with Mindy nearly yelling it at you at you might get the effect (more along the lines of Come to Jesus), oh well...

She told a fun story though, about how she was an act on a 'cruise' and that it was difficult to play, etc.  "Okay", I think, "not the first act I'd think of on a cruise, still pretty cool though".  Then she said that the Indigo Girls* were playing the cruise as well. "Huh", I thought further, "exactly what kind of 'cruise' was this?"  Mrs. Sandmich thinks I'm wrong though for thinking that it was some sort of dyke-dike ship-a-marol.


I got a Mac store gift card with a recent purchase, and I picked up the album Tre by The Dining Rooms, mostly for the song Fluxus (though the whole album is good).  Fluxus has the melancholy tone and beat of a trance dance song, but is styled after (unsurprisingly) lounge music.  I can't get enough of it:

*And yes I like the Indigo Girls OK; but that doesn't make me a dyke...I think.  Anyway, Mindy was quite professional, but I must point out that I was entertained when she mildly crossed the PC boundary and used a gay lisp voice to make fun of some artist commentary.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Transformers 3

Simply dreadful; but at least the price was right. ;-)

What was always aggravating about the other two was how...well "good" might be a bit strong, but, acceptable the movies were outside of their human performances.  When it was robots beating each other up they were pretty entertaining.  Michael Bay seemed to realize this and puzzled over how to fix this oversight, so for the third one he gave the humans stronger, more prominent roles, rather just serving as padding between robot battles (and it wasn't to cheap out on robot action as there's plenty of that too).

In hindsight, it seems like Transformers 3 may have been the one of the three that Bay put the most work into making 'good', but in the process he forced in more of what it made the Transformer movies awful: awful characters, awful acting, and awful dialog.  It's odd since the Optimus Prime character from the movies is so much more complex than the cartoons as he has a strong sense of duty and stability, but a horrible, seemingly arbitrary, temper that results in him dispensing foes in a violent fashion.  Odd that a CGI robot can so solidly out-act the flesh bags that occupy the screen; even more odd that Bay didn't realize this and solidly dump the humans for robots.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Financial Hole

In light of the leeches of the state of Ohio killing off SB5, I post this chart:

It looks like Ohio pensions (to say nothing of retiree health benefits) are $188 BILLION in the hole. Perhaps the victorious government goons could enlighten us as to where the magic goose is that is to crap a golden egg of that size. Oh and I should let them know these pertinent facts:

  1. They didn't put money into Social Security, so they cannot draw benefits from there.
  2. They'll never get a wad that big out of the Ohio taxpayers.
  3. They'll never get a government bailout from the feds because they can't bail out every plan, and by the time these shortages (really) hit, the Federal Government will be lucky enough to roll the debt it already has.
  4. Legally binding agreements mean nothing if there is no friggin money.  In lieu of that fact, the "illegal" will be made "legal" and if there is a God, you will be screwed and living under an interstate; where for once you will be made equal to your former serfs.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Putting the Academic Damage On

I handily passed a writing assignment that I had for my college course (of course).  During the...course of researching the paper I was reading one of several books about ancient Greece when I came upon an odd section.  The book itself (as I recall) was an academic work that was being related by an American field researcher in Europe who was explaining his findings and how they matched up with previous research.  However, this odd section cropped up during what was a normal discussion about historical origins and whatnot and the poor researcher had to take time out to, intelligently and politely, refute research (if it can be called that) by Edward Said and some black dude (whose name is not worth remembering) who claimed that Greece stole all their ideas from Egyptians and since Egyptians were black, well ergo, all of Greece's good ideas were stolen from black people.

What a sorry state of academia when a serious researcher has to bring clowns like this up preemptively as he knows both PC barrels will be leveled at his well thought out and researched conclusions because he didn't at least pay heed to the academic gods of political correctness.

He gets five stars from me in the politeness department though.  I would have told those two idiots to pound sand (at least Said is eating some now), but the basic replay of this serious researcher was a rub a the back of his neck while saying ""