Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Watch It

I've seen some disturbing stuff on the Internet; DISTURBING stuff that I wish I could unwatch, but the video in this post by Mish about a Chinese girl getting hit by a van is probably the worst thing I've ever seen on the 'net, and that's saying something. It's not so much the visual disgust, as it is the apparent soullessness of what should be normal people NOT helping the girl who had been run over.  Instead of punching for the gut or head, that video stabs right at the heart (especially when the mother finds her daughter, rough stuff).

As usual, the government carries a large part of the blame.  When MSNBC wrote the story up they related a tale of a guy in China taking it upon himself to take an old woman who had collapsed (or had been pushed over) to the hospital, only to be thanked by a judicial order for him to pay towards the woman's care as she claimed that the good Samaritan had pushed her over and naturally since he helped her, that made him guilty. Now in the U.S. the response was "good Samaritan" laws, in China the authorities responded by saying that you should wait for the proper authorities to resolve the situation (even calling into them to report such an incident could imply guilt).

That place is F'd up good.

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