Sunday, October 02, 2011

Academic Cheat

Since I'm enrolled in an online degree program, my free time will be even more crimped than it is already.  However, when I was going through the orientation and the inevitable screed about plagiarism came up I came across this method of plagiarizing that I hadn't heard of:
Using work previously submitted for credit
I can plagiarize...myself?  That makes a lot of sense, and I must confess that I was guilty of that in the past as I had redrafted some of my high school senior English papers for my first term college English class way  back when I got my associates (I can see the footnote now: "did same friggin' thing before, enjoy!").

Speaking of which, I was talking to the woman that I work for on a part time basis and mentioned that I was getting my bachelors.  She was taken aback that I didn't have my degree(!!) and then when on to tell a tale about how when she met her husband (married for like twenty years or so) that he only had an associates and she insisted that he get a bachelors degree (in...Education!).  I guess it didn't dawn on her that the fact that she has known me for more than twelve years and didn't know that speaks volumes about actually worthless a degree can be.  (Oddly enough, my boss at my full time job who has her MBA was always hesitant about paying for my degree for exactly that reason).

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