Friday, September 09, 2011

Dr. Union is in the House

In what is sure to be a failing of common sense in Ohio when Issue 2 passes, government unions will at once spell doom for the state and for themselves in turn.  Rather than sustainable wages and benefits, the extortion will continue until the state and communities run out of money and an extreme haircut is put into place.

Government unions (and most unions for that matter) don't care about the future though, only getting what they can get their filthy hands on right now, as quickly as possible.  This was particularly ripe:

"If our voices are silent, that harms residents," said Brian Dunlap, secretary/treasurer for the firefighters group. "A doctor is an advocate for a patient like we're an advocate for the people in our communities."

Bullshit.  Like when the Cleveland Police Department decided that fewer officers on the street was better because their own unaffordable benefits were more of a benefit to the 'people in their community'?  Give me a break.

Don't pretend that you fight for me you sad sacks, because you don't; you only fight for your own greedy selves.

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