Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ban Me Three Times Babe!

A couple days ago the Plain Dealer posted this story on about a husband who was wanted for killing his wife, stuffing her in a closet and running off.  In the original version one thing was missing from this story, especially a story about a wanted man: a picture of the perp that's being sought.  It being the Plain Dealer, and me being me, I automatically put two and two and together and posted a semi-taunting comment of "No Pictures?".  After checking out a more reputable Cleveland news source which confirmed my suspicions of a black guy killing his white wife, I then posted back to my comment "never mind, I figured out why there aren't any pictures".

Needless to say, both comments were trashed (and now I see that comments are closed, of course).

About a day before the guy was in custody, the PD then decided to post a picture of the perp, but not the victim.  I posted a comment along the lines of "no picture of the victim, but we all know why...". No more comments for that account as the ban hammer came down, again, for the third time.

After telling that story to Mrs. Sandmich, she kept waiting for the punchline.  I think she was thinking that I posted some tirade about how I wanted the whole PD staff to die or something and that was why I was banned.  Even Mrs. Sandmich, who gets tired of my sermonizing rather quickly (thus the blog) was amazed at how thin skinned the Plain Dealer comment control is.  To me though, it's more disturbing than that.

I have a long line of posts bringing up this type of issue with regards to the odious Plain Dealer (thank goodness their content is free because I would never pay for it).  When it's white people committing a crime, they have no issue digging up a photo, hell they even dug up a mugshot of a crime victim for one of their stories.  Their consistent lack of criminal descriptions, casually not posting public photos, and white washing of racially charged events can't be explained away as PC run amok since the actions will generally not have black people's best interest at heart either.  That's because every thought and action at that rag mag is driven by one thought: what is worse for white people.

No, the PD isn't thin skinned, they're a propaganda machine, part of the Jewish media machine that actively has it in for (other?) white people.

Even I found this line of thinking somewhat paranoid until I was discussing with my 'big boss' the love Jews have for Obama and I causally referenced in the third person how 'some people' think that Jews use blacks to get at white people.  I expected an eye roll, but what I got instead was an active agreement and an anecdotal story to back that up: he said that his son related that on the OSU campus that Jews actively choose to hang out with blacks (the Jews no doubt hedging their bets in case the white people who saved them in WWII will get a sudden urge to fire up gas chambers of their own).  Interesting, but I personally find their deliberate actions in the media more persuasive.

Whatever the Jewish elite plan, it's not very well thought out considering how smart they (think they) are, but they certainly don't have the average Americans best interest at heart, no matter what their race.

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