Monday, August 08, 2011

Teen Mob

From the PD:
The teens came by cars, vans and busloads.

A crowd of 250 descended on Bedford, Walton Hills, Bedford Heights and Oakwood Village on July 25. The police forces and fire departments were put on alert to ensure everyone's safety.

The mob left one elderly woman in tears. She stood in her driveway crying at what the teens had done to her house.
Uh oh!  Fortunately for the neighborhood though, the mob was white teens (well, 99.9%, you know how that goes):
They had painted the whole thing.

They left her love notes behind, thanking her.

"We love you. . . . This is the greatest week we ever had," the kids wrote.

In all, the mob transformed the lives of 21 people, most of them elderly folks on limited incomes with health problems
In other local news, after a mob of a, ahem, different sort, descended on a trendy section (i.e., a white section in a bad neighborhood) of town, there were calls for laws restricting flash mobs.  It got to the point that one was actually passed in a rapid fashion, but Mayor Jackson subsequently vetoed the bill.

The mayor's concerns were justified, as were the people who passed the bill out of a legitimate panicked fear that people who actually buy stuff (white people) will be put off about visiting an area that's subject to the whims of racist, black inner city youths.  In a story on the Wisconsin black mobs a white customer to the state fair bravely said that he wasn't going to let thugs scare him off from the event.  Commendable to an extent, but such events usually trigger the beginning of an end of such an item.  The locusts will not leave the field if the farmer keeps idiotically planting food for them.  In rare events they can be forced from the field (such as some areas of New York City); but most of the time the field goes fallow (i.e. Detroit, a good deal f Chicago, etc.).

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