Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lamest Hits

In the process of ripping music for a long trip of Mrs. Sandmich's, I popped in the greatest hits disk from the band ELO (the band that dreamt it could be Boston) and discovered that clap trap factory thought that they had 20 songs that registered as greatest hits! In the meantime, I caught a greatest hits MP3 album on sale at Amazon from Ladytron and they didn't even have room for all their great tunes, including the one below which is far better than anything on that ELO album:


EK said...

Did you record for her the ultimate song--Boston's "More Than A Feeling"?

Evil Sandmich said...

No, because if I like a song, that automatically disqualifies it as a good song in her mind, outliers like Mindy Smith being a rare exception.

I know she doesn't like techno, but I can't imagine that she hates it as much as I hate some of this stuff. Dan Gogelberg? Bread? I think I'd knaw my arm off to distract myself from the pain in my ears if I had to sit through that stuff! least there isn't any Billy Squire.