Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Thank God They Can Vote!

In a horrendous case of the further balkanization* of this country, Hispanic activists (mostly Puerto Ricans in this case) through their tools in the Federal Government and assorted Democrats have made everything (signs, ballots, etc) having to do with elections in Cuyahoga county be bilingual.

In other news, a huge chop-shop/stolen car ring is broken up on the near west side of Cleveland, let's see if we can spot a common theme here:

Police released the names of the 35 charged in the case: Evelyn Cruz, Juan Cuevas, Christina Lozada, Xavier Hernandez, Jose Martinez, Juan Martinez, Lina Martinez, Victor Padilla, Miriam Ramos, Juan Rodriguez, Erickson Ramos, Francisco Santiago, Lizmarie Torres-Bruno, Carlos Pagan, Jonathan Musse, Ivan Pietri, Luis Cuevas, Alberto Pietri Jr., Sally Ortiz, Javier Millan, Jonathan Ortiz, Michael Ferguson, Jose Vega, Edwin Mendez, Jose Trujillo, Juan Rivera, Javier Flores, Marilyn Rodriguez, Juan Hernandez, Auri Pietri, James Lyle, Alberto Pietri, Jose Ramos, Carlos Sanchez, Manuel Vasquez.

*How did that work out for the Balkans?

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