Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Voting Power

The PD notes on a woman suffragist:
In 1911, when California women achieved the right to vote, she was lauded as the spiritual leader of Southern California's suffrage movement. The following year, at the age of 92, she cast her vote for president -- after working for more than 60 years to earn that right.

Now of course correlation is not causation, but it looks like it was all uphill for the country after that, at least in terms of federal government spending:

What was that line from Dune? Something like 'if one has the power to destroy a thing, then they have the power to control it'? And vice versa, I'd imagine.


Marty Pumbo said...

Looks like that trend might have been propelled by two world-wide wars as well (i.e. note the timing of the spikes).

Or perhaps it was sufferage that hastened those conflicts as well? ;-)

Evil Sandmich said...

Now you're getting the idea.

When you think of stuff like rampent spending by FDR (loved by women) or Neville Chamberlain's forced pacifism (loved by women) you get to see a trend.

Another thing worth thinking about are the two industries in America which are horribly expensive, woefully inefficient, and which deliver a poor product besides. I speak of course of healthcare (dominated by women) and education (super ditto).

All, again, a complete coincidence to be sure :-)