Friday, March 04, 2011

Canned Pig

I recently had the lovely experience of sitting in Parma traffic court due to a B.S. traffic ticket written by the overtime extortionists that pass themselves off as police officers. I was pissed off granted, but as I sat there I grew even more pissed off, but not about my situation. I was able to make the trek over to court from work during my lunch hour and thus didn't have to take any time off. As well, although I was displeased by my fine, it wasn't some financial wrecking ball. However, most of the rest of the people in the court were typical Parma blue collar workers, people who are lucky to ever see three digit sums in their bank account, let alone four. In it's infinite wisdom the state of Ohio decided to shackle these people with a horrible regressive income tax of $100 minimum court costs. On top of that, at least while I was there, I didn't see anyone in the court who needed to be there. The worst story of all was a woman whose adult son had a suspended license, and her son borrowed her car without asking, but that didn't stop Parma's idiotic finest from filing charges against her to the tune of $1,000 and thirty days in jail for 'allowing' an unlicensed driver to borrow her car.

Stepping over for some fresh police union thug news, there's this bitty (thx Instapundit) about the lawyer for the Ohio police union making threats against a politician who voted, in part, to help put an end to public union thuggery. Also from Instapundit is this bit about a woman who was subjected to third world levels of justice for photographing a military helicopter from the side of the road, as the arresting officer wanted to 'teach tea baggers a lesson'.

I remember reading a bit in a libertarian magazine where the author pressed the point that the police should be eliminated. At the time I thought the guy was insane, but with the under-prosecution of real crimes, under-sentencing of serious criminals and the extreme prosecution of fake and non-existent crimes, I'm beginning to think that mob justice does have it's appeal. Maybe at least the slate should cleaned and all existing police officers, at least in Ohio, should fired and then after a spell, rehired as the local public sees fit (and maybe then only as the need arises).

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